Terms & conditions

Rental Terms & Conditions

You agree to all the terms below by completing your reservation. You also authorize Mirark Car Rental to process any no-show/cancellation fees on the card provided for the reservation.

Rental Requirements:

Renter must present his credit card during the time of pick up along with the required documents (Driver’s License and a valid government photo ID).


Acceptable driver’s license is a valid class 7, 5 or higher license issued from the country of residence. An altered, damaged, or expired diver’s license will not be acceptable. In case if the renter does not have a valid driver’s license, there has to be another driver who will be authorized as the driver on the agreement.

We offer car rental for young and new drivers with class 7, N or L with specific restrictions. You can also rent a car for road tests.


Deposit is required by every rental agreement; this deposit will be held as a pre-authorization from the renter. Deposit amount varies on the type of contract, car, and renter’s profile. A minimum deposit of $500+ is required. Cash deposits and debit deposits are also acceptable with specific restrictions (email or call us for more details).


Mirark Car Rental accepts the following ways of payment: credit cards, debit cards, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and cash payments.

Additional Drivers:

As per the agreement, no one can drive the rental car unless authorized by Mirark Car Rental. We require the drivers license of all additional drivers. An additional fee of $15/day will apply for each additional driver ABOVE the age of 25 and $25/day for the drivers BELOW the age of 25 (the additional driver fee can vary depending on the rental duration). In case if any unauthorized driver is driving the car, it will result in voiding all insurance coverages bought by the Renter. Authorized driver is equally responsible for this agreement as the Renter.

Underage Fee:

A surcharge fees will be applied to the drivers between 21 to 25 years old, and an additional surcharge fee will be charged on the drivers between age 19-21 years old along with specific restrictions.

Booked vehicles:

It is possible that the exact vehicle booked by you (the customer) may not be available at the time you reserved it for (due to late drop-offs); however, there may be alternative vehicles for you to choose from.

Inspection and Vehicle condition:

A representative will conduct vehicle inspection along with the customer before the vehicle is rented out. All damages must be marked down on the inspection report. It is your (the renter’s) responsibility to make sure that the vehicle is thoroughly inspected and all existing damages have been noted before signing the inspection sheet.

Vehicle Condition and Return:

The company delivered the vehicle to you in a good operating condition, and you agree to return it in the same condition in which you received it at the same time and date specified on the agreement, or sooner on DEMAND by the company. You will pay to Mirark Car Rental on demand for all loss or damage to the VEHICLE regardless of the manner in which this damage was incurred. Any total loss shall be calculated as the replacement cost of the rental vehicle plus any and all expenses. You will pay to Mirark Car Rental all towing charges, claims administration charges and damages for loss of use for the vehicle WHILE being repaired and/or out of service. Loss of use shall be deemed to be the number of days the rented Vehicle is out of service multiplied by the daily rental charge set out on the front of this agreement.

Immediate reporting:

The renter shall report any accident or theft involving the vehicle to the police and shall complete a written report at the Mirark Car Rental as soon as possible, and in any event, within 24 hours.


Loss Damage Waiver (LDW), the basic insurance is mandatory on all rental contracts. The daily rental rate does not include the insurance costs in it. LDW does not cover any damage to the undercarriage, glass, tires/rims/wheels or convertible tops. The cost of LDW may vary from vehicle class and rates. The deductible amount may vary from one vehicle to another. The renter is allowed to use their own insurance as long as it is accepted by ICBC and they have a proof of insurance.

If the RENTER or the AUTHORIZED DRIVER violate any terms on this rental agreement, the LDW will not apply and the RENTER or the AUTHORIZED DRIVER shall be liable for all damage to the vehicle. The LOSS DAMAGE WAIVER AGREEMENT IS NOT INSURANCE but is an agreement by the COMPANY to waive or reduce the terms of this agreement in which you agree to pay for all loss or damage to the VEHICLE.

General Provisions:

If the RENTER or the AUTHORIZED DRIVER fails to fulfil the payments to Mirark Car Rental under this agreement, all expenses of repossession or collection, including lawyer fees and court costs incurred by the Company in pursuing the claim against the RENTER or the AUTHORIZED DRIVER. If the RENTER directed the company to bill charges to a third person, firm, or organization which is not able to make payment promptly when due, the RENTER or the AUTHORIZED DRIVER will promptly pay the Company upon demand. ALL CHARGES ARE SUBJECT TO FINAL AUDIT and resulting credits and additional charges will be made and paid by the method used in the initial transaction. Overdue accounts will be charged at 5% per month.

Fines and Penalties:

The RENTER or the AUTHORIZED DRIVER will pay all penalties, fines, court costs and forfeitures imposed for parking or traffic violations with respect to the VEHICLE while rented under this agreement. Such violations must be reported promptly by the CUSTOMER and the COMPANY must be held harmless from all claims arising out of such violations. The RENTER holds the COMPANY (including employees) harmless from all claims for loss or damage to his or her personal property which left in or carried on the VEHICLE at any time before, during or after this rental whether or not due to the company’s negligence or fault. The customers’ take full responsibility for towing expenses in the occurrence of a collision.


Customer is not permitted to perform any repairs to the VEHICLE or suffer any lien to be placed upon without the COMPANY’s written consent. CUSTOMER shall be held liable for any such repairs. RENTER authorizes the COMPANY or its EMPLOYEES to obtain personal and credit information from credit reporting agencies or credit bureaus upon execution of this agreement. RENTERIS IS LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES TO THE VEHICLE UNTIL IT IS INSPECTED AND ACCEPTED BY MIRARK CAR RENTAL.

Prohibited Use:

The vehicle shall not be used:

  1. By anyone who is not named in this agreement
  2. By anyone with an impaired driving ability due to alcohol or drug use.
  3. Outside of British Columbia without written consent by Mirark Car Rental
  4. In any contest, speed test or driving test
  5. In the commission of any crime or illegal activity
  6. In violation of any Federal, Provincial or Municipal Law
  7. For transporting persons for hire
  8. To tow or push any trailer or other vehicle
  9. To teach driving
  10. In a dangerous manner

Pick up and Return times:

Customer pick-up and drop-offs are available in the Greater Vancouver Area with an applicable fee. A $25 fee will apply if the customer does not rent a car after using our pick-up service. Vehicles are reserved on the basis of pick up and return times. Even if you show up later than the reserved pick-up time, you still have to return the vehicle at the original return time. A late return will lead to additional charges on per day basis.

Fuel Policy:

The rental rate does not include the cost of fuel. The vehicle must be returned with the specified fuel type for that vehicle; and the amount of the fuel equal to that at the time of pick-up. An estimated amount will be charged if the vehicle is returned with less fuel inclusive of service charges. There is no reimbursement for over-fueling the vehicle. YOU CAN PRE-PAY FOR THE FUEL AND RETURN THE CAR WITH WHATEVER AMOUNT OF FUEL IT HAS IN IT.

Cancellation Policy:

We have a free cancellation policy before 48 hours of the reservation time.

No show: Customers that fail to show up for reservations will be charged for 100% of the rental agreement amount.

Making changes: Amending the reservation pickup/return dates and times within the cancellation period may result in a fee, or you may be charged for the original reservation rates, or the rates may change.


Taxes: PST & GST = 12%

Additional Charges:

Additional Driver = $15/day (price may vary based on rental duration)

Underage Driver = $25/day

Province fee = If you wish to travel out of the province, there is a $30.00/day province fee that applies throughout the rental period.