Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rent a car?

a) Visit our reservation page.

b) Type in the location, pick up/drop off date and time.

c) Choose the type of vehicle you want for your trip.

d) Choose any top-ups.

e) Review your reservation and book.

What credit cards are accepted by Mirark Car Rental?

Mastercard, Visa, and American Express

What forms of payment are accepted for car rental?

We accept cash, debit, credit, or Interac E-transfers.

What do you require to rent a vehicle?

The Renter must be presented at the time of the rental with a valid credit card and driver’s license. A minimum deposit of $500 or more is required through the credit card (you may also book without a credit card but with specific restrictions, call for details).

What do you require to rent a vehicle?

Yes, but the owner of the credit card must be present during the pick-up along a valid photo ID issued by the government.

Can I rent the car using another person’s credit card?

Yes, but the owner of the credit card must be present during the pick-up along a valid photo ID issued by the government.

Can I rent a vehicle without a credit card?

Yes, but with specific restrictions. We do accept cash, debit, or Interac E-transfers as deposits.

Can I use the rental car for my road test?

We are not yet offering rental cars for road tests, however, you can contact us and see if we have changed our policy.

What should I immediately do if I run into an accident?

In case of a collision, you should call 911 immediately IF required. If not, call our cell phone number +1 (604) 803-1588. If another vehicle is informed in the collision, you must take their driver’s license information, registration information and pictures of the scene.

Will making an online booking charge my bank account?

Your credit card is not charged when you book online. The credit-card information is required only to confirm the reservation. You will not be charged as long as it is under the cancellation policy. The credit card must be presented by the card holder during the time of rental.

Can I return the vehicle after-hours?

We prefer you to return the vehicle during business hours, but if you need to return it later you can let us know in advance.

What is our cancellation policy?

You may cancel your reservation before 48 hours of your booking time. Any cancellation after that will be recognized as a no-show, and hence you will be charged accordingly.

Does the rental price cover fuel expenses?

No, the rental price is only the base rate for the vehicles.

How much time does it take to get back my deposit?

Once you return the vehicle, the deposit payment will be held for 5-10 business days. The reason behind this is that it takes 5-10 business days for us to get notified for any parking or violation tickets.

What is your fuel policy?

All cars will be given to you with a full fuel tank, and you must return it the same way.

What coverage options are available with my rental?

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) is a damage waiver that is mandatory for each rental, and will reduce your financial responsibility for damages caused to the vehicle during the rental period. The Renter would still be responsible to pay a certain fee if they caused new damage to the vehicle. Also, the remaining costs according to the rental terms would be waived.

Third Party Liability (TPL) is an optional liability coverage that protects you against the claims made by third party during your rental. If you cause the accident, the other party can claim damages from you, and the third-party liability will cover your losses to a certain limit.

Is there any minimum age for rental?

The Renter must be at least 19 years old, however, there are more restrictions and additional fee for drivers aging less than 25. Contact us if you need more details.

How much deposit is required to rent a car?

A minimum deposit of $500 is required if you are paying it with your credit card. However, the deposit amount might vary based on the vehicle and rental type.

Can I easily extend my rental?

You need to call us to confirm the availability of the vehicle. In case if that vehicle is already booked, we might ask you to change the vehicle for the extension period. If you fail to contact us to extend, the days you keep the cars extra will be charged at an extra day rate with additional fee.

Can I drive the vehicle outside BC?

You must declare and get authorized by us to take the vehicle outside BC. An additional fee is charged throughout your rental duration for travelling outside BC.